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ISSN : 2005-0461(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7975(Online)
Journal of Society of Korea Industrial and Systems Engineering Vol.42 No.4 pp.135-144

Development of BSC Model of Center for Teaching and Learning

Yongjun Kim*†,Soyun Kim**,Changhee Cho***
*Department of Industrial Management, Gyeong-gi College of Science and Technology
**Department of Early Childhood English Education & Child Care, Gyeong-gi College of Science and Technology
***Department of Precision Mechanical Engineering, Gyeong-gi College of Science and Technology
Corresponding Author :


In this study, BSC model of center for teaching and learning was developed using balanced scorecard suitable for non-profit organization. Firstly, relevant literature surveys and evaluation indicators of various CTL and institution with similar characteristics were examined. Next, a draft BSC model was designed through interviews of specialists. Lastly, the BSC model was proposed by verifying the content validity of the evaluation model by conducting two Delphi surveys. The BSC model of CTL has 4 perspectives: resource, customer, internal process, learning and growth, 9 critical success factors: 2 factors in resource, customer and learning and growth perspectives, 3 factors in internal process perspective, and 23 key performance Indicators: 4 indicators in resource and learning and growth, 7 indicators in customer perspective, 8 indicators in internal process perspective. The implications of this study through the results were as follows: firstly, the proposed BSC model showed an evaluation model suitable for a non-profit organization. Second, the BSC model was linked to the organization’s mission and vision. Third, it could contribute to the long-term development of CTL. Lastly, if it could be applied to management, and evaluated, it is expected to play a role of providing basic data for the budget support and spread of the university.

교수학습지원센터의 BSC 모형 개발

*경기과학기술대학교 산업경영과
**경기과학기술대학교 아동영어보육과
***경기과학기술대학교 정밀기계과