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ISSN : 2005-0461(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7975(Online)
Journal of Society of Korea Industrial and Systems Engineering Vol.42 No.4 pp.126-134

Diagnosis Analysis of Patient Process Log Data

Joonsoo Bae
전북대학교 산업정보시스템공학과
Corresponding Author


Nowadays, since there are so many big data available everywhere, those big data can be used to find useful information to improve design and operation by using various analysis methods such as data mining. Especially if we have event log data that has execution history data of an organization such as case_id, event_time, event (activity), performer, etc., then we can apply process mining to discover the main process model in the organization. Once we can find the main process from process mining, we can utilize it to improve current working environment. In this paper we developed a new method to find a final diagnosis of a patient, who needs several procedures (medical test and examination) to diagnose disease of the patient by using process mining approach. Some patients can be diagnosed by only one procedure, but there are certainly some patients who are very difficult to diagnose and need to take several procedures to find exact disease name. We used 2 million procedure log data and there are 397 thousands patients who took 2 and more procedures to find a final disease. These multi-procedure patients are not frequent case, but it is very critical to prevent wrong diagnosis. From those multi-procedure taken patients, 4 procedures were discovered to be a main process model in the hospital. Using this main process model, we can understand the sequence of procedures in the hospital and furthermore the relationship between diagnosis and corresponding procedures.

환자의 프로세스 로그 정보를 이용한 진단 분석

Department of Industrial and Information Systems Eng. Jeonbuk National University