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ISSN : 2005-0461(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7975(Online)
Journal of Society of Korea Industrial and Systems Engineering Vol.41 No.4 pp.50-58

Development of Customer Satisfaction Quality Indicator Considering Producer’s Specification Limits

Dong-Hyuk Kim,Young-Bae Chung
Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, Incheon National University
Corresponding Author :


Process Capability (Cpk) is a representative measure of how well the producer manages dispersion and bias for the specifications needed by the consumer. This is expressed as a ratio of 6 times the natural tolerance to the specification. As the producer manages the dispersion small, the capacity index becomes higher. And it is classified into 5 grades according to the degree of management. It is a measure of the quality of processes used in most industrial fields. However, Cpk is calculated by only reflecting the mean and dispersion of the process, there is a disadvantage that it can not give information about the economic loss caused by the inconsistency of the process with the target value. Overcoming these drawbacks, process capability indexes reflecting various types of loss functions such as Cpm, C┼pm and Cpl have been developed. However, all of these previous studies have applied the limit to the consumer specification, which is based on the traditional and passive quality perception that the quality characteristic should exist within the limits of the consumer specification. In this study, we will develop ‘Customer Satisfaction Quality Indicator (CSQI)’ which is a quantitative indicator that can be fully evaluated when the manufacturer’s specification limit, which is an aggressive quality strategy, is applied. This is expected to be useful decision information for both producers and consumers.

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