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ISSN : 2005-0461(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7975(Online)
Journal of Society of Korea Industrial and Systems Engineering Vol.41 No.2 pp.141-152

An Estimation of ASL in Appraisal : Using Korea National Wealth Survey Data

H. S. Oh*, S. J. Lee**, J. H. Kwon**, N. Y. Jung**, J. H. Cho**†
*Dept. of IME, Hannam University
**School of Industrial Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Corresponding Author :


Although the 1997 Raw Data of the National Wealth Statistical Survey (South Korea) is timely 20-year-old data, it is meaningful as a benchmarking in the capital stock estimations of Korea, which is estimated by PIM (permanent inventory method). In the case of machinery/equipment, it is the data that can analyze in depth the changes in the industrial structure of Korea. In the case of ASL (average service life) which has economic concept, since the change of ASL is not so large, ASL yielded by the Raw Data of the 1997 National Wealth Statistical Survey is meaningful as reference value for the ASL estimated by the Bank of Korea and the National Statistical Office. As you know Japan has changed its service life due to changes in its industrial structure. However, many of its assets are still used for the years indicated in Showa (before 1989). The same trend with other countries such as Japan. However, the United States is constantly devoted to assessing the useful ASL and value of assets by distinguishing between the Hulten-Wykoff models and those not. Korea has also benchmarked the useful ASL of the United States and Japan when it conducted its own survey every 10 years by due diligence until 1997.
In this study, the ‘constraint’ Iowa curve estimation by the Raw Data of the 1997 National Wealth Statistical Survey is based on the age records of the assets and the maximum age of the assets appropriately derived. And then we made modified Iowa curve by smoothing. From this modified one, we suggested ASL by asset.
After 1997, the vintage disposal data directly were collected by the National Statistical Office with Oh Hyun Seung, Cho Jin Hyung, in order to estimate the useful ASL. Since then, the B/S team of the Economic and Statistics Bureau of the Bank of Korea has been working on a new concept of content training.

유형고정자산 감정을 위한 내용연수 산정

오현승*, 이세재**, 권정훈**, 정남용**, 조진형**†
*한남대학교 공과대학 산업경영공학과
**금오공과대학교 산업공학부