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ISSN : 2005-0461(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7975(Online)
Journal of Society of Korea Industrial and Systems Engineering Vol.33 No.4 pp.201-208

시간단위 차량통행 속도정보의 활용을 위한 구역분할 방법의 연구

박성미, 문기주
동아대학교 산업경영공학과

A Study on Area Division Method to use the Hour-based Vehicle Speed Information

Gee-Ju Moon, Park Sung-Mee
Dept. of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, Dong-A University


This research is about developing an efficient solution procedure for the vehicle routing problem under varying vehicle moving speeds for hour-based time interval. Different moving speeds for every hour is too difficult condition to solve for this type of combinatorial optimization problem. A methodology to divide the 12 hour based time interval offered by government into 5 different time intervals and then divide delivery area into 12 small divisions first and then re-organizing them into 5 groups. Then vehicle moving speeds are no longer varying in each of the 5 divisions. Therefore, a typical TSP solution procedure may be applied to find the shortest path for all 5 divisions and then connect the local shortest paths to form a delivery path for whole area. Developed solution procedures are explained in detail with 60 points example.