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ISSN : 2005-0461(Print)
ISSN : 2287-7975(Online)
Journal of Society of Korea Industrial and Systems Engineering Vol.27 No.4 pp.77-82

Edgebreaker에서 Operation 코드들의 확률분포

조철형, 강창욱, 김덕수
한양대학교 산업공학과

Probability Distribution of Operation codes in Edgebreaker

Deok-Soo Kim, Cheol-Hyung Cho , Chang-Wook Kang
Department of Industrial Engineering, Hanyang University


Being in an internet era, the rapid transmission of 3D mesh models is getting more important and efforts toward the compression of various aspects of mesh models have been provided. Even though a mesh model usually consists of coordinates of vertices and properties such as colors and normals, topology plays the most important part in the compression of other information in the models. Despite the extensive studies on Edgebreaker, the most frequently used and rigorously evaluated topology compressor, the probability distribution of its five op-codes, C, R, E, S, and L, has never been rigorously analyzed yet. In this paper, we present probability distribution of the op-codes which is useful for both the optimization of the compression performance and a priori estimation of compressed file size.